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Key Takeaways From PM Narendra Modi’s Speech: ‘Gaali And Goli Won’t Solve Kashmir Issue’

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his independence speech, examined the Kashmir issue and said that this old conflict could be solved only by compassion. He said: “Na na Gali will be Goli, Kashmir ki samasya suljhegi lagane the scab is.”

• The people of India stand side by side with people affected by natural disasters and the tragedy in Gorakhpur.

• We have to leave this attitude ‘chalta Hai. We have to think “Badal Sakta Hai” – this attitude will help us as a nation.

• We have learned the properties Rs 800 million rupees Benami. This nation is honesty. There is no room for corruption.

• The nation was standing with the women who spoke against triple Talaq. We started with the women who protested against her.

• Each of the 1.2 billion people will work towards a new India in 2022 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of independence. No one is big or small in our country.

• All security forces, our brave eyes never weakened the protection of the country, either by protecting the nation against terrorists or during the surgical blow or helping people affected by natural disasters.

• India is self-sufficient for the protection of all external forces.

• Cooperative federalism has taken a new step forward with the implementation of the GST. People are amazed India would implement GST all over the country so successfully and in all sectors.

• The poor and tribal people have received gas connection, which were authorized.

• Young unemployed people received loans. Homeless people were helped to build houses.

• Other nations are with us in the fight against external threats and terrorism. I thank all the nations that help us do it.

• With the Kashmir government, it is also concerned about the nation to develop J & K and its youth. The question of Kashmir can not be solved with bullets or abuse, but with love. We are committed to restoring the state of Kashmir as “paradise on earth”.

• I was a head of government for a long time. I know how states are important for the development of the nation. We have power to the states with cooperative federalism. The Center was able to walk shoulder to shoulder with the states.

• We completed 21 of the plans I announced at last year’s address. Soon we will complete the remaining 50 other schemes. We can not leave farmers on the road to development. We have adopted the idea of ​​FDI in food processing. This will change the lives of our farmers to improve their situation.

• We have empowered young people to provide funds so that, instead of looking for work, they are able to give a job.

• Our future depends on the future and security of our female population.

• This is the land of Buddha and Gandhi. There is no place for violence here. We will not tolerate violence in the name of faith. There can be no place for divisions.

We must move forward together. There is no place for violence in the name of faith (Astha). The caste system and communalism will not contribute to the nation.

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