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Pakistan prime minister slams India’s ‘expansionist designs’ in Independence Day address: Full text of his speech

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Abbasi Khaqqan led his arms on India’s “expansionists” in South Asia on Monday and said New Delhi was the “main obstacle” in constructive relations between the two neighbors. Sobre Abbasi came during the speech of independence in Islamabad. In criticizing India’s position on the Kashmir issue, Abbasi praised “all-time” relations between China and Pakistan. In particular, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang, who arrived in Islamabad on Monday, was the main guest for the celebration of 71st Independence Day.

The independence that we achieved there in the seventies resulted in unprecedented sacrifices from our ancestors. Millions of Muslims have made sacrifices for our future and for the future of posterity. Today we cross the path of prosperity and progress in a peaceful and dignified country because of these sacrifices. We are very grateful to our ancestors for their sacrifices and we can not repay this debt in making Pakistan a free and independent country.

We belong to different tribes, ethnic groups and brotherhoods; We can work in different areas of national life; Our vision and political thinking may be different and our economic vision may have different points of view, but the ascendancy of national interests and invincible defense are common goals across the nation, so we must make collective efforts.

Quaid-e-Azam had envisaged Pakistan as a modern democratic entity. This dream faces a multitude of challenges and the PML (N) government despite the difficulties that have made Quaid’s dream a permanent mission. The recent transition of power through a democratic process was the embodiment of the accelerated consolidation of democratic values ​​in the country.

We must strengthen and strengthen state institutions so that they can play their prescribed role within the law and constitution. Only a strong economy can provide a strong defense. Moderate company ensures the stability of the state where people enjoy all their human rights and national resources are distributed fairly and wisely.

Pakistan wants positive and constructive relations with all countries of the world, in particular with its neighbors on the basis of sovereign equality. The people of South Asia have suffered greatly in the last fifty years because of persistent conflict. Until unless these conflicts are resolved amicably, the people of the region can not achieve prosperity and progress.

Our government has consistently made efforts to initiate the process of constructive dialogue and the adoption of peaceful means to solve the problems, but unfortunately the expansionist plans of India remain the main obstacle in this regard. It is the responsibility of the international community to play its part in resolving regional conflicts, in particular the Kashmir dispute in accordance with UN resolutions on the subject in order to ensure lasting peace in the region.

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