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Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech: Of 8 claims made by PM, only 3 promises fulfilled completely

Eight claims – we were audited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in three speeches on Independence Day 2014-2016, three were withheld and five were partially conserved, according to a factual verification analysis.

Consumer inflation fell, retired pensioners benefited from ‘A Rank One Pension’ and pensions for freedom fighters has increased, but economic growth has failed, legumes acreage not increased depending on demands and the promise to build latrines Separated for girls in public schools is slightly shorter than the target according to the promises made by Modi during his three speeches on Independence Day.

In November 2015, the government issued orders for the implementation of a pension range One (OROP), which guarantees the same pension for each rank with a similar length of service and benefits of future improvements transferred to the retired army of India.

In April 2017, Rs. 8792 crore was released to 2.1 million retired pensioners / family pensioners in arrears in three installments. Another delivery is scheduled for August 2017.

The Reddy Justice Committee, which was appointed to examine the anomalies arising from the implementation of the RFMO, submitted its report in October 2016. The Government is reviewing the recommendations.

Some former military associations demanded changes in the methodology of pension fixation, revision and coverage of retirees pre-matured future (PMR) periodic, according to the response in the Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament) by the Ministry of Defense August 11, 2017.

3. Claim / promise in 2016, Modi congratulated the farmers to increase the area sown with pulses of a year and a half. He also said that the government had raised support prices for pulses and improved supply system to encourage more legumes.

Reality: Promise partially conserved

In 2015-16, when Modi claimed that legumes had increased by one and a half times or 150 percent, the actual planted area increased by 5.5 percent, from 23.5 million hectares to 24.9 million hectares, According to the response to Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament) by the Ministry of Agriculture and the welfare of farmers July 25, 2017.

In 2016-17, the area planted legumes increased 17.5% to $ 29.2 million hectares, estimates third advance for the year exposure.

From 2015-16, the minimum price of support (MSP) increased by pulses, and the government established a premium of Rs 200 in 2015-16 and 2016-17 in 450 Rs.

While MSP for moong and urad steadily increased, MSP for turdal (guandul), a major agricultural crop, increased at a lower rate than in 2013-14 when the MSP increased by 11.7 percent.

While the prime minister said that the procurement system has improved since 2015, public supply centers in rural areas of Maharashtra are plagued with problems of delays due to lack of storage space and poor management, said 8 June , 2017.

The government grants a family pension to eligible dependents of freedom fighters in the Swatantrata Sainik Samman 1980 pension plan, administered by the Ministry of Interior.

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