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Mohan Bhagwat defies restraint, hoists flag in Kerala school: Why RSS did not fly Tricolour for 52 years

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on February 22, 2016. It was reissued on the occasion of the 71st Independence Day of India.

Those who do not want to respect the Jhanda should receive the danda, warned Thursday after Twitterati imagined resistance to the BJP government’s decision to rob Tiranga at all central universities.

In the program of Arnab Goswami, as the country applauded the decision of the Ministry of Defense, taken Thursday, General GD Bakshi moved to mourn.

Moved by the spirit of the occasion, the head of the BJP, BJP leader Nupur Sharma, certificates of immediate character standing, “veteran (general GD Bakshi) was crying on television (times) defending the Tricolor scenes! Horrible! Opportunist Cong + left + communist should be ashamed. ”

On 26 January 2001, three members of an organization called Rashtrapremi Yuva Dal entered the premises of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in Nagpur in honor of its founder, Dr. Keshav Hedgewar.

After several minutes, the three activists – Baba Mendhe Ramesh Kalambe and Dilip Chattani – began to sing patriotic slogans and released the Tiranga. Guess what happened after

First, the head of local RSS Sunil Kathle tried to prevent activists hoisting the national flag. But when they were able to deploy the Tiranga, RSS has brought them to court for her.

For 12 long years, the three Rashtrapremis (those who love their country) were tried by a Nagpur court to hoist the national flag at the Sangh facilities in the relevant sections of the Bombay Police Act and the IPC.

They were released just in time for Independence Day in 2013 by the RR Lohia court for lack of evidence.

The RSS and the Tricolor had a fascinating story of resistance and rejection and acceptance.

It may be an unpleasant surprise with neo recruits, as Sharma is RSS – not Congis Communists + + Left – not hoisting the national flag at its headquarters for 52 years.

The national flag was first hoisted at the seat of Sangh August 15, 1947 and January 26, 1950.

The Tiranga was seen flying next time RSS facilities in 2002, when it was hoisted to the headquarters and Smruti Bhawan, the building that houses the monuments of its founder Hedgewar and Guru Golwalkar.

According to The Times of India, Chotu Bhaiyya Dhakras, Nagar sangh Chalak of Mohite Vibhagh Shriramji Joshi and Dr. Hedgewar, Smarak Samiti hoisted the flags, respectively, at the headquarters and Smruti Bhawan, according to the RSS office.

The national flag was raised on previous occasions August 15, 1947 and January 26, 1950, and since then it has stopped, RSS sources said.

“Now that the rules have relaxed, we will also raise the flag,” he said. Rao said that the RSS had also been reluctant to raise the flag of their shakas because swayamsevaks wanted to participate in the general functions of the day of the Republic and Independence Day with the general public.

“If we maintain the role of shakas naturally everyone has to be present there and fail functions in schools and offices,” he said, according to the Times of India.

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