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India must heed China’s repeated invoking of Kashmir during Doka La stand-off; Beijing’s intentions are inimical

India’s defense and security strategists should seriously consider the revelation that China has built a bridge in a sensitive part of the actual control line in the Ladakh region.

The repeated mention of Jammu and Kashmir during the Doka stop since early June indicate that Beijing’s intentions concerning Northern State are hostile.

In recent years, the axis between China and Pakistan seems to have made an important strategic initiative for the region.

There are indications that China has supportive ties with terror costumes such as Lashkar-e-Taiba. On the other hand, it seems to have worked in other well-positioned countries to prepare the ground in Kashmir.

The new Chinese construction was highlighted by Dr. Sonam Dawa, Chief Executive Advisor of the Development Council of Ladakh Autonomous Hill, a ministerial rank to the office.

Dr. Dawa, who was a social and political activist met for three decades, is the elected chief of the board that manages the vast district of Leh.

Given that the strategic models of last year’s uprising on the streets of Kashmir became evident, it is clear that policy-makers must take into account the evolution of Kashmir and everything in the light of what happened in 1965.

In addition, this year a large number of infiltrators entered the valley and Pakistan had planned to take over strategic locations such as the radio station under the pretext of mass demonstrations.

The soldiers of the Pakistani army of civilians were among the infiltrators in the valley this year. After a mass uprising in the streets of Srinagar did not take place as planned, the Pakistani army has moved openly to cut off the road near Samba.

This road was the only link between the state and the rest of the country, as the Manali-Leh road had not yet been built.

Before launching what he called the Gibraltar operation in Kashmir, the Pakistani Army has sparked clashes with India in the Kutch region, at the other end of the border between the two countries.

This turned out to be a distraction, intended to draw the attention of politicians in India away from Kashmir. The situation could be similar this year, but it is much more threatening since India is facing a China and Pakistan axis rather than a single enemy country.

The strategists should monitor the possibility that stopping the Doka can be parallel to 1965. Kutch skirmishes Chinese soldiers are trained repeatedly in the Ladakh region, particularly in the years following the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. in 2009,

China has denied for several months the issuance of visas on Indian passports of citizens of Jammu and Kashmir, including the commander of the Northern Command, a native of Jammu.

China and Pakistan have met in India’s concerns over the state-run China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

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