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Lost in Europe: Jab Harry Met Sejal is not even a visual delight

Even before Harry Met Jab Sejal (JHMS) Imtiaz Ali released last Friday, interested voices have agreed. “Why could not I offer at least one title?” Said a fan of Shah Rukh Khan for me.

In fact, the title was similar not only to the classic romantic comedy of 1989, which defines the genre, when Harry met Sally, but also Jab We Met (2007).

On the eve of liberation, almost everyone – trailer, songs – seemed to disappoint fans eagerly awaiting the old magic Ali or SRK-Anushka Sharma. Finally, on the big screen, all fears seemed to have the reality become.

In the hours that followed the release, critics were almost unanimous. Rajiv Masand of News 18 wrote that SRK and Anushka deserve a better movie, Anupama Chopra regretted the loss of director Ali, who gave us Rockstar (2011) and Highway (2014), and can previously combine movie stars and traditional requirements with Stories of crude.

Others were less kind: HuffPost said the film was pretty bad in Bollywood, and the visceral exam, the cable has been described as a tribute to 144 minutes ego Shah Rukh Khan.

In fact, the responses were so devastating that the director and the protagonist were forced to defend their project with clichés as this film was not an intellectual exercise, but rather aimed at attracting the masses.

But a look at the box office figures also shows that this ambition was thwarted. In its first weekend, considered the most important to determine the success or failure of a movie, JHMS achieved zero in only a sad Rs 45.75 crore.

This is a minimum of staff for Khan in five years, and this has triggered a piece of analysis of the mint “flop signals show that the power of the stars can not guarantee success.” He quoted Atul Mohan, editor of the complete film industry magazine, saying:

“After a first half that establishes noisy characters, people expect much more laps in the second half, but nothing happens. The film is not even a visual pleasure, you just have to move from one country to the other, all Similar “.

But that’s the problem, right? What is supposed to happen in Europe in the midst of a social and economic crisis continues? Bollywood love abroad, especially in Europe, initiated by Sangam Raj Kapoor (1964).

Filmed in Paris, Vienna and Switzerland, the magna had an audience that stood in line to see only the beautiful foreign countries, sometimes beyond their imagination.

At JHMS, this beauty is absolute. As Atul Mohan points out, the film – which avoids Bollywood favorites like London, Paris or Switzerland – takes us to Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam and Lisbon.

He has no decision taken to show him the place (I think mount tourist destinations Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam in Rome in the “Saanyiaji …”),

But tracing their routes by train or plane on the cards, of course devote to another assignment, which contradicts our expectations of a typical Euro-Tour film.

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